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If he wants to get paid premium money, he’ll have problems.

If Revis can prove he can play anywhere in the secondary, he’s going to get all the attention he’d ever want. No team can honestly say it has enough defensive backs, not the way the game is played today. If Revis can be a starting corner, a slot corner, a safety, whatever, he’ll be welcome.

If he wants to get paid premium money, he’ll have problems.

Don’t be shocked if this still isn’t a priority, even as he turns 32 in July. Maxing out his contract has served him well throughout his career, and being let go by his last two teams, the Patriots and Jets, to save a big salary hit won’t necessarily change his mind about that.

But, if he’s returning to his previous form, can stay healthy and can find where he fits in, he’ll be in demand from a lot of contenders. The first wave of big-money contracts has gone by. Veterans like him, Adrian Peterson, Jay Cutler, Jamaal Charles and a handful of others — players with well-earned reps, lots of miles and increasingly niche appeal — are still out there measuring their worth.

Manfred on Monday announced that the Cardinals had to pay the Astros $2 million and give them their top two draft picks in the 2017 MLB Draft as punishment for Correa’s computer attack.

“I am unimpressed with Major League Baseball’s commitment to fair and just sanctions in this matter,” the Correa tweet read, prefacing his allegations with the NHL Jerseys Wholesale claim that Correa volunteered to meet with Manfred to discuss his concerns about intellectual property and answer any questions.

Lucky 13? Remembering when the Braves and Brewers couldn’t stop winning

It was 35 years ago Friday — April 21, 1982 — that the Braves won their 13th straight game to open the 1982 season, setting an MLB record. Led by Dale Murphy, Bob Horner, Glenn Hubbard and others, the red, white and blue-clad group came out of nowhere to become the talk of baseball, using the winning streak as a springboard toward the NL West title.

It’s good thing, too: After starting 13-0, the Braves barely played above .500 the rest of the season — they lost 11 straight at one point in August — but squeaked into the playoffs on the last day of the season with an 89-73 record, only to get swept by the Cardinals in the NLCS. But they’d always have that April record all to themselves, right?

Any tinkering with the strike zone would be far more controversial — and more difficult to enforce, particularly given that zones already vary from umpire to umpire even though everyone is technically following the same rulebook.

That method of removal didn’t sit well with Kansas City manager Ned Yost.

“It’s just important for the environment,” Yost said at the time. “I saw a study a couple years ago where the honey bee was declining and they cannot figure out why. And I started looking at it and studying it, the importance of what they do, in terms of pollination with all the crops. Especially the fruit trees and stuff like that. They’re vital to the environment.”

What else can we learn from bees at baseball games?

“When you see them swarm, they’re not aggressive at all,” Diekmann said. “… The only time they sting you is when you squish them, like I did with my finger. They’re not defending a hive so they’re not aggressive. The only time you get in trouble is when you swat at New York Jets Cheap Jerseys them or something. You’re better off leaving them alone like you would a fly or something. They’re pretty harmless.”

Giants, Jason Pierre-Paul agree to 4-year deal

The Giants and star pass-rusher Jason Pierre-Paul have agreed on a four-year contract, the team confirmed Friday afternoon.

Pierre-Paul earlier in the day had denied reports by NFL Media, which was first to report a deal, and, which reported that the contract would be worth about $17 million per year with $54 million guaranteed.

By mid-afternoon Friday, Pierre-Paul apparently had made it official. Though the Giants didn’t release terms of the deal, they reportedly were different than initially reported: an average of $15.5 million annually with $40 million guaranteed, according to NFL Media and other outlets.

Remember in 2015 when Blue Jays outfielder Michael Saunders tore a knee ligament when he tripped over a sprinkler? Or when Rangers hurler Derek Holland tripped over a dog in 2014? Or when the A’s Michael Taylor cut his finger in 2013 trying to throw away gum? Or in 2008 when the Astros’ Hunter Pence got all cut up when he walked into a glass door? Or when the Cubs’ Kerry Wood got hurt when he fell out of a hot tub in 2007? Or when the Brewers’ Steve Sparks dislocated a shoulder in 1994 while trying to rip a phone book in half?

(We won’t include the urban legend about young John Smoltz’s incident with an iron, because Smoltz insists it didn’t happen.)

All things considered, Flynn’s fall could’ve been a lot worse. He’s probably not laughing about it now, but rest assured his teammates probably are. There’s likely a kangaroo court fine coming at some point.

Flynn appeared in good spirits in the clubhouse Tuesday, according MLB Jerseys Cheap to the Kansas City Star.

“He was working on his barn and fell through the roof,” Royals manager Ned Yost told reporters. “So he took a pretty good tumble, knocked himself out. So he’s going to be about eight weeks behind everybody else.”

Flynn, 26, was 1-2 with a 2.60 ERA in 36 appearances for the Royals last season.

Kluber left his start with lower back discomfort after allowing five earned runs in three innings against the Tigers

A trio of starters concerned their fans and fantasy team owners Tuesday: Indians ace Corey Kluber, Marlins’ Edinson Volquez and Rangers southpaw Cole Hamels.

Kluber left his start with lower back discomfort after allowing Cheap Vintage Jerseys NBA five earned runs in three innings against the Tigers, while Volquez exited with with a blister on his right thumb. The Marlins starter became the first starter in MLB history to allow eight walks and record nine strikeouts over less than five innings against the Rays.

Hamels wasn’t able to throw a pitch in his scheduled start against the Astros because he was scratched due to oblique tightness.

Modern baseball statistics — specifically, win probability added — have taught us that bunting almost always has a negative effect on a team’s probability of victory, whereas the sacrifice fly will, more often than not, increase a given team’s probability of victory. But for some reason, a batter is punished for the one that has the most positive influence on the outcome of a game for his team. In essence, a player is rewarded for the lesser “sacrifice,” while the greater “sacrifice” is perhaps made even greater because his on-base percentage incurs a penalty.

“The sacrifice fly should not count against the hitter in any way. It is helping your team score, which is a positive,” said Geoff Blum, who had 40 career sacrifice flies.

After all, a batter can intentionally hit a sac fly, just as he can lay down a sac bunt, right?

“You are correct,” Blum said. “Big leagues hitters try to and can hit medium fly balls for sacrifice flies. … The sacrifice fly is a guaranteed run. The sacrifice bunt is not.”

MLB views Las Vegas as ‘viable market,’ Rob Manfred says

Major League Baseball’s softening stance on sports gambling may one day open the door to an untapped market long considered taboo: Las Vegas.

It’s all the rage lately, with the NHL’s 31st franchise set for a Sin City debut next season and the NFL on the brink of following suit. Might MLB join them? Commissioner Rob Manfred is at least open to the idea, a departure from baseball’s longstanding efforts to distance itself from the betting world.

“Las Vegas could be a viable market for us,” Manfred said during his Cactus League news conference Tuesday in Phoenix, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I don’t think that the presence of legalized gambling in Las Vegas should necessarily disqualify that market as a potential major league city.”

“The Zero1’s multiple layers work together to slow impact forces. The helmet features a soft outer shell and an underlying layer of columns designed to mitigate collisions from multiple directions.

“The Zero1 delivers breakthroughs in safety based on current, state of the art testing protocols. It also elevates performance, featuring the industry’s widest ?eld of peripheral view and low aerodynamic drag. Our tagline is Protect the Athlete/Elevate the Game? – and that’s what we’ve done with the Zero1.”

Vicis tells that 25 NFL teams and at least 20 NCAA teams will use the helmets in 2017 despite the $1,500 price tag.

Here’s why: At a time of heightened awareness surrounding head trauma, football and CTE, the NFL last week released results of its annual lab test of helmets. According to, Zero1 finished first, ahead of 23 helmets from Riddell and Schutt, who together account for 90 percent of all football helmet sales.

It’s worth noting, writes, that hometown Design Cheap Jerseys Online Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is on the company’s advisory board, as are Doug Baldwin and Alex Smith, as well as Hall of Famers Jerry Rice and Roger Staubach.

MLB orders Cardinals to pay $2M, forfeit top 2 draft picks to Astros as punishment in hacking case

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has ordered the Cardinals to pay $2 million and forfeit its top two draft picks in this year’s draft to the Astros as punishment for a former Cards executive hacking the Astros computer network.

“The reality is we can’t take anything for granted and right now, I feel like we do,” Montero said. “Honestly we’re just not playing at our highest level. We have to shake it up, wake up. This will be a good wake-up call for us. We either come to play the right way or we’re going to have a short season.”

Maddon disagreed with that assessment.

“I don’t think anyone is taking anything for granted,” Maddon said. “I love the word ‘expectations,’ I do, but on the flip side of that it’s going to be a different path this year. It is. It just has to be. To this point we haven’t pitched nearly as well, as starters. The biggest thing for me is defense. We haven’t caught the ball with the regularity that we normally do. Those were our bedrocks of our performance.”

Right now, the Cubs are struggling offensively and on the mound. The rotation has been brutal, which has forced the bullpen to log a heavy workload through the first month-plus of the season.

Jake Arrieta, winner of the 2015 NL Cy Young award has a 5.35 ERA and already has allowed six home runs. The Cubs need him to get back to the form he’s displayed over the last two seasons, especially considering Chicago does not have a fifth starter right now.

The Cubs also need Anthony Rizzo (slashing .218/.342/.398) to be more Echl Cheap Jerseys like the player who received MVP votes last season, and less like the one who has looked lost at the plate so far this season.

Ultimately, the Cubs’ talent should win out, but this hungry fan base will not remain patient for long.

Yankees’ Chris Carter might have had the worst swing of the MLB season

Forget about those proposals for pitch clocks, a new strike zone, eliminating the four-pitch intentional walk or even shortening games to seven innings. None of them is necessary to improve the game, and they all miss a key point that’s a big part of baseball’s beauty and popularity as a spectator sport: Baseball games are great for multitasking.

Don’t like the down time during games? Then do other things while you watch — like baseball fans have always done. So what if games are slow? This isn’t a crisis. This is just baseball.

Game’s not zipping along? Fine. Get a snack, iron a shirt, tweet, find that article you keep meaning to read, check on another game, work out, do your homework, catch up on email, do your taxes, do, well, anything you want. Baseball allows it. It’s made for it. We know this. We’ve always known this. Why is this a big deal?

Chris Carter is known for two things: hitting dingers to the moon, and striking out.

Unfortunately for him, the strikeouts happen much more often than the home runs do, and sometimes it’s, well, not pretty.

But this? I mean, this is an absolutely futile attempt at a swing. Carter might be in line for a visit to the eye doctor. It’s definitely up there with some of the worst we’ve seen in recent memory.

It’s not a surprise, then, that Elliott is getting ripped so much Cheap NFL Jerseys by the court of public opinion for ripping down a top, without (so far) any accusation.

Like with the Seattle fiasco, Jerry Jones can’t be happy, because this will add to his label as an enabler, despite being something the Cowboys’ owner, well, did not enable.

Vikings announce newly signed Latavius Murray had ankle surgery

Latavius Murray was signed by the Vikings on March 16. He had surgery six days later.

The Vikings announced Wednesday that Murray had ankle surgery, but is expected to be ready for the start of training camp. The surgery was performed in Charlotte by renowned surgeon Dr. Bob Anderson.

The move would be beneficial for both Facebook and MLB, since more people would flock to the social media site to watch a live game they may not get in their area, and baseball would have a younger audience tuning in to games.

Facebook has already streamed live sporting events in the past, including an exclusive deal with Mexican soccer league Liga MX, table tennis, global basketball.

While Twitter already has a contract with NFL, Facebook reportedly is looking for a more global alternative.

“The scope of their audience is worldwide,” sports media consultant Lee Berke said. “They have a range of audiences and sports loyalties they can appeal to.”

During the game, however, another player with a No. 2 jersey was stealing the spotlight.

The Astros’ rising star, Alex Bregman, who wears No. 2 as an ode to Jeter, his childhood hero, hit his first career grand slam with his idol in attendance as Houston capped a six-run outburst in the first inning of the second game of a doubleheader. After rounding the bases, Bregman was ecstatic in the dugout, showing off the No. 2 on his jersey to the cameras.

Bregman, George Springer (twice) and Josh Reddick all went deep Cheap Jerseys Hot for the Astros, who took three of four from the AL East leaders with Sunday night’s 10-7 win.

NFL free agency: Martellus Bennett signs with Packers

Martellus Bennett is coming off one of his better NFL seasons to date in 2016, and it looks like he took advantage of that in free agency.

According to a report from NickSportsTV, the former Patriots tight end is expected to sign with the Packers, who confirmed the news. NFL Network reported Green Bay signed Bennett to a three-year, $21 million contract. ESPN reported it as a three-year, $18.45 million contract

Bennett recorded 55 receptions for 701 yards and a career-high seven touchdowns for Cheap Hockey Jerseys Canada the Patriots last season. He comes off a four-year, $20.4 million contract (originally with the Bears). The Patriots picked up the final year of his contract, paying him a base salary of $5.1 million in 2016.

Bennett had the ninth-most receiving yards of any tight end last season, and the second-most receiving touchdowns. He will bolster a Packers offense that ranked seventh in the league in passing yards per game (262).

Bennett is the Packers’ first compensatory free agent signed in the last five years. Not that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers minds.

Even with all the good MLB and the players association are doing with the World Baseball Classic, some concerns remain.

How does MLB get American fans more involved in the tournament? How can it stave off baseball fatigue during a season that includes the WBC?

Baseball essentially has no offseason already. Adding the WBC prior to the start of a 162-game regular season could be a bit much for fans to stomach. That’s understandable.

Lonzo declared for the 2017 NBA draft with an agent after a single season with the UCLA Bruins

LaVar Ball also released the sneaker after he sought a $1 billion combined price tag on shoe deals for each of his three sons, including Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo Ball. LiAngelo enters UCLA as a freshman next summer, and LaMelo is a talented high school junior who has already committed to the Bruins.

Lonzo declared for the 2017 NBA draft with an agent after a single Dallas Cowboys Cheap Jerseys season with the UCLA Bruins. He averaged 14.9 points, 7.6 assists and six rebounds, shooting 41.2 percent from downtown in his freshmen year, leading the Bruins to a Sweet 16 appearance in the NCAA Tournament.

Game 1 between the Predators and Blues was quite the treat for hockey fans in Nashville’s 4-3 win. P.K. Subban was the most electric player on the ice. Both Rinne and Allen allowed soft goals at inopportune times, a real change from their stoic first round performances. Nashville coughed up a two-goal lead in the third period, but gained it right back on opportunistic play.

Allen, specifically, had the gaffe of the evening after a misplayed poke check allowed Vernon Fiddler to net the game-winner with five minutes to play.

After a pair of series where the goaltenders stole the show, it’s nice to have a firewagon opener to cleanse the palette. Neither Rinne nor Allen were likely to stay that hot over the rest of the playoffs, and this series has that high-scoring, goaltending shenanigans feel to it.