Lucky 13? Remembering when the Braves and Brewers couldn’t stop winning

It was 35 years ago Friday — April 21, 1982 — that the Braves won their 13th straight game to open the 1982 season, setting an MLB record. Led by Dale Murphy, Bob Horner, Glenn Hubbard and others, the red, white and blue-clad group came out of nowhere to become the talk of baseball, using the winning streak as a springboard toward the NL West title.

It’s good thing, too: After starting 13-0, the Braves barely played above .500 the rest of the season — they lost 11 straight at one point in August — but squeaked into the playoffs on the last day of the season with an 89-73 record, only to get swept by the Cardinals in the NLCS. But they’d always have that April record all to themselves, right?

Any tinkering with the strike zone would be far more controversial — and more difficult to enforce, particularly given that zones already vary from umpire to umpire even though everyone is technically following the same rulebook.

That method of removal didn’t sit well with Kansas City manager Ned Yost.

“It’s just important for the environment,” Yost said at the time. “I saw a study a couple years ago where the honey bee was declining and they cannot figure out why. And I started looking at it and studying it, the importance of what they do, in terms of pollination with all the crops. Especially the fruit trees and stuff like that. They’re vital to the environment.”

What else can we learn from bees at baseball games?

“When you see them swarm, they’re not aggressive at all,” Diekmann said. “… The only time they sting you is when you squish them, like I did with my finger. They’re not defending a hive so they’re not aggressive. The only time you get in trouble is when you swat at New York Jets Cheap Jerseys them or something. You’re better off leaving them alone like you would a fly or something. They’re pretty harmless.”

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