Yankees’ Chris Carter might have had the worst swing of the MLB season

Forget about those proposals for pitch clocks, a new strike zone, eliminating the four-pitch intentional walk or even shortening games to seven innings. None of them is necessary to improve the game, and they all miss a key point that’s a big part of baseball’s beauty and popularity as a spectator sport: Baseball games are great for multitasking.

Don’t like the down time during games? Then do other things while you watch — like baseball fans have always done. So what if games are slow? This isn’t a crisis. This is just baseball.

Game’s not zipping along? Fine. Get a snack, iron a shirt, tweet, find that article you keep meaning to read, check on another game, work out, do your homework, catch up on email, do your taxes, do, well, anything you want. Baseball allows it. It’s made for it. We know this. We’ve always known this. Why is this a big deal?

Chris Carter is known for two things: hitting dingers to the moon, and striking out.

Unfortunately for him, the strikeouts happen much more often than the home runs do, and sometimes it’s, well, not pretty.

But this? I mean, this is an absolutely futile attempt at a swing. Carter might be in line for a visit to the eye doctor. It’s definitely up there with some of the worst we’ve seen in recent memory.

It’s not a surprise, then, that Elliott is getting ripped so much Cheap NFL Jerseys by the court of public opinion for ripping down a top, without (so far) any accusation.

Like with the Seattle fiasco, Jerry Jones can’t be happy, because this will add to his label as an enabler, despite being something the Cowboys’ owner, well, did not enable.

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