Former NFL great Jim Plunkett says ‘My life sucks’ at 69

Jim Plunkett, a former Super Bowl MVP, is the latest former NFL player to detail a life of crippling pain and misery.

My life sucks, Plunkett told the San Jose Mercury News. It’s no fun being in this body right now. Everything hurts.

Now 69, Plunkett led the Raiders to two Super Bowls after a storied career at Stanford, where he won the Heisman Trophy in 1970.

The report said Plunkett has endured 18 operations and lives with artificial knees, an artificial shoulder and debilitating pain in his surgically repaired back.

Plunkett played 15 seasons in the NFL and estimates he suffered at least 10 concussions from the time he started playing football. He’s also dealing with headaches, possibly related to Bell’s Palsy which he contracted a year ago, the Mercury News said.

After watching so many former teammates and contemporaries suffer and die young, Plunkett says it’s time for the NFL to help take care of these people.

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