Nolan Arenado made one of the most ridiculous plays of the 2017 MLB season

Nolan Arenado has played four full seasons in the major leagues, and he has four Gold Gloves. He’s already one of the 10 best defensive third basemen of all-time, according to at least one metric, and he’s just 26.

Cut that out, Nolan Arenado. That is not natural, and your treachery against nature will be revealed.

Also, because I can never get enough of this, here’s a Baseball America article that reports on Arenado’s defensive future, which wasn’t very bright at the time:

I had a lot of people telling me I probably would move to first and stuff like that, but I don’t want to move to first.
Nah, you’re good. For now.

Judge is the obvious one. My ballotology is unfairly and unreasonably prejudiced against young players. See the Miguel Cabrera paragraphs from up there, for example. It takes a monster season from a rookie to merit serious consideration. Judge’s season, well, it qualifies as a monster. It has Wholesale Jerseys Cheap eaten three villagers Cheap Jerseys From China since noon. You will lose people you know to the cavernous maw of Aaron Judge’s season. Run, you idiot. Run.

The other two require some explanation. Trout needs justification because he’s hurt, but could be ready for the All-Star Game. If he can play, he should play. He might be the only outfielder in baseball who could miss 50 percent of the first half and still have a statistical case to be one of the three best in the AL. There’s no point about me continually bringing up the days of Mays and Aaron, only to leave the modern Mays off the ballot. Heck, if he misses every game until the All-Star Game, he’s my pick.

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