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Great Marc Spears conversation with new Knicks GM Scott Perry on reaching the pinnacle of the career path.

I would be holding out if I also didn’t tell you about the secret gem of Blaze Pizza. The s’more pie. It’s as exactly as it sounds and they throw it in the oven as you wait for your pizza. They’re better than real campfire s’mores and I’m not exaggerating.

Here’s the thing. My pizza was incredible but it doesn’t really matter which one I got because you can make whatever pizza your heart desires at Blaze and it’s going to be incredible. Blaze is good, LeBron James is good, and I highly recommend you try this place if you haven’t been there already.

Oh, and Staples Center, where the Los Angeles Lakers play basketball, already has a Blaze in-house.

As he hit restricted free agency in July 2016, there was no market for his services and he didn’t take the Thunder’s one-year, $6.8 million qualifying offer. Almost three weeks into July, the Thunder rescinded the offer to get out of the Dion Waiters business. A couple of weeks Cheap Kyrie Irving Jerseys later, he finally found a match, signing what was effectively a one-year, $2.9 million deal with the Heat.

Good pieces from Kristian Winfield on Kenny Atkinson’s plot to turn the Nets into Cheap Kids Baseball Jerseys something real and on the Suns’ blank canvas and masterpiece dreams.

Great Marc Spears conversation with new Knicks GM Scott Perry on reaching the pinnacle of the career path. My desire to laugh at the Knicks has been defeated by my joy at Perry’s ascent.

The Lakers are champions of the Vegas Summer League. Praise be to Summer League MVP Lonzo Ball and versatile Kyle Kuzma. Shout out to the runners-up, too: the Blazers have a dude in Caleb Swanigan.

Ball didn’t play in the title game on Monday. But it’s become clear why the Lakers traded D’Angelo Russell and picked Ball No. 2 overall. Plus, why it was smart of Ball to wear different sneaker brands all throughout Summer League.

J.J. Watt made fun of Big Baller Brand to market his $99 Reebok shoes and was promptly roasted

If you didn’t know — and, let’s be real, you probably didn’t — Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt has a new pair of shoes coming out. They’re all-black Reeboks, cost $99 and, as he made very clear on Twitter, they’re NOT shoes for Big Ballers.

Len has struggled to hold down a starting spot in Phoenix even four years into his Cheap Jerseys Paypal Payment career, but he’s still young. The Suns’ core is based on the perimeter, though, and center might be a position they believe they can address at a later date. Phoenix’s future is based around Devin Booker and newly drafted Josh Jackson, while players like Dragan Bender, Marquese Chriss, and Tyler Ulis could join that longterm plan.

Regardless, this is clearly the move that the Suns needed to make. In a stacked Western Conference that is only getting tougher, they wouldn’t have made the playoffs maybe even if they had signed both Millsap and Griffin. It’s better for Phoenix to take the longer route to success, developing their prospects and adding another high draft pick or two to the mix.

Given that, it won’t be surprising to see Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, Tyson Chandler or Jared Dudley on the move. The most tradeable asset might be Leandro Barbosa, who only has one non-guaranteed Cheap Jerseys Promo Code year at $4 million left on his deal. With the Suns reportedly opening up to the idea of going young — like they did late last season when they benched most of their veterans — then it’s only a matter of time before some of those names are moved.

The Suns won’t be good for a couple seasons, but that’s fine. It’s a natural part of the rebuilding process and Phoenix would be rise not to rush the process. As they say in Philadelphia, just trust it.