Terrell Owens wondered out loud why Dez Bryant’s emotions on the sideline outbursts were categorized as outbursts

“The league office tells PFT that the Commissioner’s decision will be reviewed under the ‘arbitrary and capricious’ standard, which means that it would be overturned only if deemed to be arbitrary and/or capricious. This implies that the question will simply be whether the Commissioner got it sufficiently wrong that it seems random and without rhyme or reason.

“For Elliott, the real question is whether Henderson will attempt to resolve the credibility of the witnesses, which is something Goodell didn’t do in making the original decision. This presumes that the NFL will actually be introducing its evidence, including testimony from Tiffany Thompson.”

The dichotomy of these two Beckham’s, fair or foul, has been molded the past three years by one of the NFL’s most marketable players. That wouldn’t be possible without a very good Cheap Real Jerseys NFL player behind it. In his first two NFL seasons, Beckham broke a record held by Randy Moss, racking up more yards in his first two years of service than any Cheap Professional Sports Jerseys other NFL receiver in history. He became the fastest receiver in the league’s history to eclipse the 3,000-yard mark, and the 4,000th-yard mark, and 150 career receptions, and 250 career receptions.

But these are not benchmarks that mitigate the effects of an Instagram picture featuring Beckham and other Giants wide receivers on a boat (not because of his poor choice for aquatic footwear, but the timing of the trip itself). A blow-up on the sideline is seen more as a temper-tantrum than the passion of a player who wants to win, which toes a gray line.

In 2013, where as Tom Brady’s were considered passion. As much noise as Beckham can make because he is genuinely one of football’s best offensive players, the volume will always be at its loudest when the song’s lyrics aren’t about what’s happening on the field, and it won’t be singing his praises.

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