If he wants to get paid premium money, he’ll have problems.

If Revis can prove he can play anywhere in the secondary, he’s going to get all the attention he’d ever want. No team can honestly say it has enough defensive backs, not the way the game is played today. If Revis can be a starting corner, a slot corner, a safety, whatever, he’ll be welcome.

If he wants to get paid premium money, he’ll have problems.

Don’t be shocked if this still isn’t a priority, even as he turns 32 in July. Maxing out his contract has served him well throughout his career, and being let go by his last two teams, the Patriots and Jets, to save a big salary hit won’t necessarily change his mind about that.

But, if he’s returning to his previous form, can stay healthy and can find where he fits in, he’ll be in demand from a lot of contenders. The first wave of big-money contracts has gone by. Veterans like him, Adrian Peterson, Jay Cutler, Jamaal Charles and a handful of others — players with well-earned reps, lots of miles and increasingly niche appeal — are still out there measuring their worth.

Manfred on Monday announced that the Cardinals had to pay the Astros $2 million and give them their top two draft picks in the 2017 MLB Draft as punishment for Correa’s computer attack.

“I am unimpressed with Major League Baseball’s commitment to fair and just sanctions in this matter,” the Correa tweet read, prefacing his allegations with the NHL Jerseys Wholesale claim that Correa volunteered to meet with Manfred to discuss his concerns about intellectual property and answer any questions.

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