Skip Bayless goes through stages of fan grief after Cowboys’ playoff loss to Packers

Skip Bayless, at one time a respected journalist, is now a full-blown Cowboys fanboy, so it’s natural that he’d be grief-stricken after watching America’s Team lose Sunday’s NFC divisional playoff game on a last-second field goal.

Now, about that overused e-word … Whether Joe Flacco should be deemed elite for his one Super Bowl MVP run in 2012 has been become a running meme. It also has played out with the two-ringed younger Manning, that you can’t spell Elite without Eli.

That’s on us, too. We forgot a QB can still win Super Bowls in this pass-happy era when he has a strong defense to support him see Peyton Manning last year.

The fact is neither Flacco nor Eli Manning can boast the overall consistency in production Ryan can. Neither has sniffed putting together a season as good as what Ryan is currently doing. It’s a lot more egregious to dub either of them elite than elevating Ryan to that status.

Here’s another a novel concept: Even quarterbacks who are good out of the gate can go through a tough stretch, evolve and emerge as something more dominant. Especially when going through major offensive changes in scheme and personnel.

Ryan had stability with Mike Mularkey early in his career, with the core that included Roddy White Cheap Echl Jerseys and Michael Turner at their best. Then he had a bump-up with Dirk Koetter, with both Julio Jones and Cheap Dog Jerseys Tony Gonzalez in the mix with White. When his line, running game and receivers hit a snag, Atlanta got stuck in a one-dimensional attack, and Ryan got taken down a bit.

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