Pick-and-rolls with Curry and Durant are unstoppable for obvious reasons.

… it’s not hard for Durant to manufacture a good shot for himself in the post against the sorts of switches Green struggled to score against in the 2016 NBA Finals.

In theory, those tools make the Curry and Durant pick-and-roll impossible to stop. The margin for error is so small when Curry has the ball in his hands that it doesn’t require the best screen for him to get the space he needs for a pull-up or drive to the basket. That puts a tremendous amount of pressure on Curry’s defender to fight through the screen and means the second defender has to get involved, which opens up opportunities for Durant on the roll or pop.

He’s an elite finisher at the rim and can create any shot for himself off the dribble, which puts a tremendous amount of pressure on his defender to fight through screens. He can also be used as the “roller” by setting a screen on the ball handler and popping to the perimeter because he’s equally dominant scoring off screens with an average of 1.18 points per possession. Durant is comfortable scoring off screens as well (1.13 points per possession), and he can make teams pay in a variety of ways depending on how they defend him.

That means switching gives them both an opportunity to exploit a Cheap Jerseys To Design mismatch one-on-one Cheap Jerseys Sites with a spaced floor, while playing it traditionally opens the door for one of them to pop or roll. Either way, the defense is doomed considering they’re also willing passers.

Durant then reverted back to his preferred method of scoring as the roller in Game 2 when he slipped the screen and scored at the basket over Tristan Thompson.

The Warriors explored all of those options again in Game 5 when they put the finishing touches on the Cavaliers. Durant turned one possession into an isolation opportunity against Kevin Love…

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