the Celtics threw every conceivable matchup at James

Silver did not say what his preferred alternative to the 19-year age limit might be, only that he plans to study the issue in the coming months with affected parties: the players’ union, agents and representatives from the college game if they wish to be involved.

Whatever occurs over the next year, it’s worth hoping Silver at least gets his facts straight before proceeding. A decision built on inaccurate assumptions and alternative facts isn’t likely to move the NBA forward.

Throughout the series, the Celtics threw every conceivable matchup at James, from the big and not-so-quick (Crowder, Al Horford, Kelly Olynyk) to the undersized (Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley, Gerald Green) to the all-too-green (Jaylen Brown). James has found ways to pick apart every style of defense he has seen.

Against bigger guys, he goes to the pick-and-roll. He will do that sometimes against smaller guys, too, just to see if there will be a switch that leaves him with a bigger defender. He can also take smaller defenders into the post. Against both types of defenders, he will lean on isolation plays and exploit the mismatch himself. He Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys has increased his production in those three play types, in some cases significantly, during the playoffs.

James has had a spike in his use of isolation plays, both in the points he scores from the play and the frequency he uses it:

James has become the perfect beast, with a way to counter whatever the defense gives him. At least, that applies against the East. Now the Cavs move on to face Golden State, which means rough-and-tumble defensive wings like Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala.

The Warriors lead the playoffs in defensive rating, at 99.1. It’ll take more Cheap Liverpool Jerseys perfection from James, the kind we saw here in Game 5, to find holes in what Golden State will offer.

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