Bears vs. Packers: Viewers hit with loud profanities in field-mic snafu

To the person in charge of the five- (or seven- or whatever-) second delay on the NFL Network/CBS “Thursday Night Football” broadcasts: You missed one. Make that two. Badly.

The network’s field microphones picked up a double profanity that someone off camera yelled after a Bears penalty Thursday night. Somehow, those words made air.

Just heard two swear words, beginning with F and S, as clear as day on the NFL broadcast. Came after a bad Bears penalty.

Cooper’s Landing: “So after this past weekend with the NFL Cooper’s will be joining Borio’s and NOT airing the NFL games enough is enough its time for these million dollar snowfakes Cheap Jerseys Stitched to stop disrespecting the Men-Women-Dogs that signed a blank check for them to act like this Hopefully things will change”

Palmetto : “Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House will not be showing NFL games Cheap Jerseys UK until the NFL rids itself of protest by their employees during the presentation of colors and the national anthem.”

Sarita’s Grill : “Sarita’s has decided not to broadcast any future NFL games or the NFL Network. We respect everyone’s right to freedom of speech; however, we do not support anyone that disrespects our Flag, our Country and the people who have fought and/or died for the freedoms that we have.”

WOW Cafe & Wingery : “I apologize to all of our guests but we will not be viewing the Saints game today in house. Some of our local players chose to sit during the National Anthem, which will not be supported or praised at WOW.”

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