The Chiefs are 2-1 and averaging 29 points a game since Andy Reid gave up play-calling duties to coordinator Matt Nagy.

The Lions aren’t going to apologize for their schedule, especially if it helps them get into the playoffs. They’ve won two straight over the Bucs and Bears, they get the Bengals now and they finish with the Packers. It’s going to have to be Matthew Stafford or bust. He’s third in the NFL in yardage; his team is second to last in rushing yards. Of course, the Bengals look like a team mailing it in the last two weeks (losses by a combined 67-14, ever since the headhunt-fest against the Steelers). The Lions might just need to show up.

They appear back on track and in control of the AFC West race. The Dolphins threw away all the momentum they’d gained from beating the Patriots by losing to the Bills, and by Jay Cutler throwing a hideous interception to clinch it. The Chiefs are another team unlikely to flinch now that their goal is in clear sight.

Is it foolish to use the term “winnable games” when discussing the Browns? Sure, when the Bears are next on the schedule. The Browns somehow have a more stable outlook for the future than do the Bears, whose coach and general manager are living on borrowed time. They looked downright inept against the Lions last week, at least as much as the Browns often do. If not now, Browns, then never.

Like NBA contracts, when shoe deals are signed and numbers are reported, that is most often the number the player will be paid if all incentives are met. The original deal may have been worth $66 million had he hit certain incentives, but the base dollar amount didn’t seem to be enough for Wall. If that was the case, it made sense for him to walk away.

This time around, things were to his liking. Wall signed a five-year deal with the NFL Jerseys Free Shipping brand which gives him a bit more flexibility than an eight-year deal Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping would. Plus, he got a new start with a new team to build his brand up again.

The team Wall worked with initially is gone, he said. There’s new management and new structure for him. With that, he said, he’s hoping for new opportunities.

“A lot of those guys that were there before have been laid off … It’s a brand new start because it’s a whole new crew over there,” Wall said. “They have a lot of the same guys over there player-wise, but it’s just a new start.”

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