Report: Cowboys to release Scandrick after 10 seasons

Orlando Scandrick ‘s career in Dallas appears to be over after 10 seasons.

The Cowboys have informed their long-time cornerback he will be released, a source told ESPN’s Josina Anderson.

We think that Darnold and Rosen will come off the board in the first two picks, one way or another, which will leave the Jets with a choice between Allen and Baker Mayfield. We’ve already talked about our reservations about Allen. But we think Mayfield could be a good fit. At 6-1 he’s a little undersized, but he can make all the throws and an unmatched competitor. And though he runs a little hot sometimes, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If the Jets end up with the Heisman winner, they should feel good about it.

It was really geared around Jon Gruden. That’s not unusual, TV really is an analyst-driven medium. Jon had a particular set of skills that he did really well, and foremost among them was analyzing the play, breaking down the play. Here’s why they ran that play, here’s why it worked, here’s what this guy did or didn’t do. It was really football heavy, X-and-O heavy, and I think most play-by-play guys, all play-by-play guys, would’ve felt like a bit of a bystander.”

Talked to a couple other teams, but we still wanted to stay in position in that top 10 where we could still get a premium player.

We feel like at (No.) 6, we’ll still be able to get a premium player.

The NFL draft takes place April 26-28 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

After failing to land free-agent quarterback Kirk Cousins, the Jets turned to Plan B.

They re-signed Josh McCown and signed Teddy Bridgewater, then Cycling Cheap Jerseys immediately focused on trying to trade up.

Editor’s Picks Quarterback-starved Jets make the right move by trading Discount Bike Jerseys up After failing to land Kirk Cousins in free agency, GM Mike Maccagnan had to put New York in position to draft a leader for the franchise.

Trade with Jets helps bolster Colts’ rebuilding process After Saturday’s trade, the Colts now have four picks among the top 49 in next month’s draft as they try to fill several roster holes.

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