Yet the cache that Witten carries from starring for the NFL’s most visible franchise had to be another factor.

Pletcher obviously feels different about the details. He says he called Castellano’s agent, was told he would get back to him and received a response in which agent said he thought the pressure here came from Castellano himself because he had previously ridden so many Pletcher horses. No matter who is correct, Ruis had to find a new rider.

‘The big machines (read stables here) are in control, Ruis said. What are the little guys going to do. In my case (because he is so financially solid), I’ll just keep buying horses. Some of the little guys just can’t do that.

But that’s tomorrow’s problem. Today’s was solved almost by accident.

Giuliani’s latest comments came after he mused Thursday what would have happened if Stormy Daniels’s allegation of a decade-old affair had surfaced right before the election – remarks that legal experts said gave investigators new fodder.

On Friday, Giuliani also stressed his description of the timing of events was based on his understanding, not information he received from the president.

At least he knows there’s some intensity at work. In Oakland the day after Witten’s emotional retirement news conference, Rothman received a text message from Witten at 4 a.m. that captured the mindset: Let’s go!

Witten was chosen among 12 candidates, with Rothman hailing his upside as a swing factor. Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner, who works as an NFL Network studio analyst and has had reps as a game analyst, might have been the favorite. And Joe Thomas, the gregarious, just-retired Cleveland Browns tackle, has always struck me as a natural. Greg Olsen, the tight end who recently re-upped with the Carolina Panthers, was also in the mix.

Just look at NFL content on any given week. Former Cowboys — including a few who indeed have Super Bowl rings — are everywhere. Troy Aikman is the No. 1 analyst at Fox, which could also include doubled exposure as Cheap Ireland Rugby Jerseys his network will broadcast the Thursday night games. Michael Irvin and Cheap Jerseys And Hats From China Deion Sanders, bringing the sizzle they were known for as players, bring much electricity to the NFL Network as studio analysts. Jimmy Johnson is humming as studio analyst for Fox’s pregame show. Darren Woodson, Daryl Moose Johnston and DeMarcus Ware toil for ESPN, CBS and NFL Network, respectively.

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