John Schnatter wants back in to Papa John’s

If it wasn’t so funny it would be sad, and if it wasn’t so sad it would be funny.

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter, who somehow made hundreds of millions of dollars without a shred of self-awareness (there’s hope for me yet, I suppose), has opted not to go away, count his money, and watch the value of his shares of Papa John’s stock continue to rise, due in large part to his departure from the Cheap Jerseys company. Instead, Schnatter wants back in.

During his radio interview, Schnatter downplayed the possibility of litigation against the marketing firm that he believes leaked his remarks because he hate[s] lawyers. But they all hate lawyers until they need one, John, and it sounds like you’ll be needing a small army of them to help you get your hands back on the wheel of the company you decided to take public.

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The Texans still have other defenses. They stem mainly from the employment contracts signed by the cheerleaders. In terms of the cheerleaders arguing that their likenesses have been lawfully misappropriated, the team can highlight that each cheerleader contractually assented to the Texans receiving all revenues derived from any films, broadcasts, photographs and other recording of the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders also contractually assented to the team owning all rights with respect to the Houston Texans Cheerleaders (including, without limitation, the names, trademarks or service marks, logos, uniforms and copyrights.) Further, each cheerleader irrevocably [granted] to the Texans the exclusive right and authority to copyright, use and publish, and the right to license to others to so use, cheerleader’s name, likeness, picture and voice. Whether such language extends to cheerleaders’ signatures on Texans’ products may become a source of debate.

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