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Doug Martin not guaranteed starting position, Buccaneers GM says

Doug Martin will finish serving a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy this upcoming season, but when he returns his starting position might not be available.

“I don’t even know what to say. This guy (Adams) doesn’t know what’s coming down the pipeline,” McMahon told the Daily News. “He has no idea what dealing with someone who has CTE is like.”

Many were outraged, including the ex-wife of late Steelers offensive lineman Justin Strzelczyk, who was diagnosed with the disease after his 2004 death.

“Honestly, I really didn’t see it getting that far,” Adams told reporters after practice, via “I was speaking about being passionate about the game that I love. I understand that some families were affected by this disease. I definitely didn’t mean it in any type of way.”

Adams said Jets coach Todd Bowles told him to clear up the situation, and Adams also said he talked to his dad, former NFL player George Adams.

“When you see something that’s blown up, that’s on First Take and ESPN, I think it should be addressed,” Jamal Adams said. “My words were simply that I’m very passionate about what I do.”

“I said at the beginning [of the forum] … I’m all about making the game Cheap Jerseys China safer. I understand CTE and the symptoms and whatnot, and how families are affected by it, but it’s simply about passion.”

One challenge the NFL faces in getting people the help they need has Cheap Jerseys AUStralia been breaking down the “macho” attitude that asking for help displays weakness. To help break down that barrier, NFL Life Line has created a series of videos featuring NFL stars, like Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, talking about the importance of the service in helping everyone in “the NFL family” get the support they need.

“We can’t isolate; it’s the worth thing in the world for a man to do,” Irvin says in the video (below). “When we talk, we find out that we all go through some of the same issues, and you may be able to talk to someone that has been in the issue that you’re in and has come out of it and they can tell you how to come out of it.”

Panthers players raving about rookie Christian McCaffrey

Elliott thus far has avoided serious legal trouble, but the pattern is disconcerting, Aikman continued, especially considering that Elliott should know he’s living his life under a microscope.

“He’s coming from a big program at Ohio State where there was a lot of attention and a lot of focus on him there. This isn’t new territory. It’s not a small-school guy who all of a sudden is with the Dallas Cowboys and he’s just not accustomed to that kind of attention.

“And it’s a different time. There’s no questions that if cell phones and cameras and all that were around when I was a rookie, it would’ve curtailed some of the fun that me and my buddies were able to have. But you have to adjust to the times. So far, at least, it doesn’t seem he’s been able to do that.”

Listen to the entire Aikman interview on “The Forward” below:

Each NFL preseason there are a handful of rookies who play better than advertised, causing Cheap Jerseys China Paypal buzz among players and fans.

Christian McCaffrey has fit that description at the Carolina Panthers training camp this week. Expectations are already sky-high for the former Stanford All-American who went No. 8 overall in the 2017 NFL Draft. So far, the rookie running back is literally drawing “oohs” and “aahs” from his teammates.

He more than doubled that loss total during a nine-game losing streak with the Jaguars that spanned from October until December. Ramsey struggled to deal with it.

Ramsey was ejected in the final minutes of an October loss to the Oakland Raiders for fighting wide receiver Johnny Holton (who was also ejected). A month later, in the final Cheap Jerseys 90 seconds Cheap Ireland Football Jerseys of a loss to the Detroit Lions, Ramsey was seen tearfully telling someone on the Jaguars sideline that he’s “tired of losing.”

Near the end of the season, the Jaguars fired Gus Bradley, who posted a 14-48 record with the team. Ramsey didn’t hold back his complaints about the coach.

Former NFL great Jim Plunkett says ‘My life sucks’ at 69

Jim Plunkett, a former Super Bowl MVP, is the latest former NFL player to detail a life of crippling pain and misery.

My life sucks, Plunkett told the San Jose Mercury News. It’s no fun being in this body right now. Everything hurts.

Now 69, Plunkett led the Raiders to two Super Bowls after a storied career at Stanford, where he won the Heisman Trophy in 1970.

The report said Plunkett has endured 18 operations and lives with artificial knees, an artificial shoulder and debilitating pain in his surgically repaired back.

Plunkett played 15 seasons in the NFL and estimates he suffered at least 10 concussions from the time he started playing football. He’s also dealing with headaches, possibly related to Bell’s Palsy which he contracted a year ago, the Mercury News said.

After watching so many former teammates and contemporaries suffer and die young, Plunkett says it’s time for the NFL to help take care of these people.

His signature hairstyle has also been something that’s allowed people to easily identify him. At first, he started off with a more simple ombre finish to his mohawk. He’s now let it grow out even more, and taken on a bleach blonde look. It’s been one that’s been replicated by plenty of young Cheap Gaelic Jerseys fans, and popular enough to where he’s gotten an endorsement from Head and Shoulders.

He has over 2,300 posts on Instagram, that show a variety of different Cheap Fishing Jerseys outfits. His 8.6 million followers are an exposure that athletes in the past didn’t have. Beckham utilizes it to give people a glance at his style off the field.

He’s made himself into more than just a football player

Beckham has shared his videos before, some of which include himself as the subject.

Redskins open training camp with Kirk Cousins playing in Dan Snyder’s trap

Because of Kirk Cousins’ pending contract situation in 2018, the conventional wisdom is that the 28-year-old on Thursday will open his final training camp with the Washington Redskins.

The history of the team’s owner would tell you otherwise.

If Daniel Snyder wants to keep his quarterback beyond this year, Cousins will return. It’s that simple.

If anything, James may have used Barkley as an outlet for his own frustrations. As Tony Kornheiser of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” noted Tuesday, James is a great guy for spending other people’s money.

Every season, it seems he complains about the Cavs roster. Every season, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert scurries to make sure he’s happy by spending more money on players. The Cavs now have the highest payroll in NBA history. The club lost an NBA-high $40 million during its 2015-2016 championship season.

The 32-year-old James may see his championship window slipping away as he looks at the rival Warriors with Steph Curry and Kevin Durant.

Mike Greenberg of ESPN2’s “Mike & Mike in the Morning” noted Wednesday The Best Cheap Jerseys that Kobe Bryant of the Lakers won his last championship at 31 years old.

Larry Bird of the Celtics won his last at 29 — while Magic Johnson of the Lakers won his final title at USA Basketball Cheap Jerseys 28. “If he continues to work hard,” his national team coach, Sasha Djordjevic, said, “he can have a big impact because he plays the way everyone wants bigger guys to play. He has ability like Divac. He has different skills but he can pass like Divac. But he has to work very hard to get there.”

Divac, who was in Rio with the Serbs, shook off Djordjevic’s comparison. “I think he will be better than me,” Divac said flatly. “He has so much skill.”

Lance Stephenson can’t even begin to answer the Pacers’ problems

If they think Lance Stephenson is the answer, the Pacers simply aren’t asking the right questions.

The veteran guard is going back to Indiana, back to where his career started (word to the late, great Michael Jackson) after inking a three-year contract worth $12 million, according to ESPN’s Chris Haynes.

In the East, the Cavaliers’ odds were tightened from 5/2 to 9/4, the Cheap Jerseys Bike Celtics from 25/1 to 20/1, the Raptors from 30/1 to 25/1, and the Wizards from 40/1 to 25/1.

Let’s put things in perspective: 5-to-8 odds at this point of the season are ridiculously short and mean a bettor has to wager $160 to win $100 on a Warriors title.

Even without Durant, Sherman does not see Golden State relinquishing its four-game lead over San Antonio in the West.

“They’re still going to be large favorites at home,” Sherman said. “They’ll still Cheap Golden State Warriors Jerseys win their fair share of games even under these circumstances. It’s hard to make up that many games with about 20 games to go.”

And even if Durant is ruled out for the playoffs, the Warriors Cheap Hockey Jerseys Custom won’t get much sympathy. The Dubs will still be the favorites to win it all, according to Sherman.

“They were the favorites the last two years (when Durant wasn’t on the roster), and won one and had a 3-1 lead last year against the Cavs before they blew it,” he said.

It looks like this beef won’t be ending anytime soon.

The Warriors have reached out to Turner Sports regarding the coverage of McGee on TNT’s “Inside the NBA,” according to ESPN’s Chris Haynes and Marc Stein. Golden State claims the continuous mockery of McGee has damaged his reputation. A Turner Sports source told ESPN discussions had taken place after the exchange between McGee and O’Neal on Thursday night

Sporting News’ 2017 MLB All-Star roster

MLB All-Star voting ended Thursday night and the teams will be announced on MLB Network on Sunday evening.

Today, though, we’re offering up the SN Midseason All-Stars. Instead of splitting into NL and AL squads, we’re picking one MLB team, the best of the best at each position this season. Some choices were easy (hi, Aaron Judge) and some, as you’ll see, were not so simple.

He was set to join the rest of the United squad on the preseason tour of the United States when they leave for Los Angeles on Sunday.

However, he will be allowed to stay in Manchester if an agreement with Everton is close to completion.

Rooney, who left Everton for United as an 18-year-old in 2004, scored eight goals in 39 appearances last season, including one in a 1-1 draw with Stoke in January to break Sir Bobby Charlton’s record.

He started the season as a regular in Mourinho starting XI but after losing Cheap MLB Baseball Jerseys his place in September he was named on the bench for both the EFL Cup final and Europa League final.

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In early June, while making a return trip to his old home ballpark, LeMahieu Cheap Michael Jordan Jerseys For Sale reflected briefly on the experience of leaving a team with so much reason for excitement, even six years ago.

Maybe the tension in the Seahawks locker room isn’t that unusual after all

ESPN pulled back the curtain on the Seattle Seahawks locker room in a feature story by Seth Wickersham last week. That rare peak behind the green door revealed a workplace fraught with tension, in-fighting and told the story of a contentious cornerback, Richard Sherman, whose competitive fire ignited some of those brushfires and almost got him traded.

Zimmer’s first surgery was on Nov. 1, and he had a second operation in late November as the Vikings prepared to take on the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday Night Football. Zimmer remained in the hospital during the Vikings’ 17-15 loss to Dallas, and special teams coordinator Mike Priefer filled in as the interim head coach. Zimmer returned to the field the following week wearing an eye patch.

But the problem wasn’t resolved. Since then, Zimmer has undergone six more surgeries to try and restore vision in his right eye.

Zimmer said he thinks the most recent operation may do the trick and is hopeful it will be the last eye surgery for him, but he doesn’t want to get get ahead of himself.

“I’ve thought that before,” Zimmer said, via ESPN’s Ben Goessling.

It’s great to see Zimmer, a defensive guru, back to work with his team. The Vikings hired Zimmer in 2014, and he led the team to the playoffs in 2015. With him back in the saddle, the Vikings can now shift their full attention to this upcoming season.

Not true, Lynch said: He, new coach Kyle Shanahan and Kaepernick had discussed it all, and all sides knew that either they would cut him, or he would opt out. Lynch had a much bigger fable to deconstruct, though: the Cheap Elite NFL Jerseys recent Sports Illustrated tale of an anonymous 49ers source concluding that Kaepernick actually wasn’t interested in playing anymore. That was reflecting as poorly on the 49ers as it was on Kaepernick, depending on who was Cheap Football Jerseys From China talking about it.

MLB views Las Vegas as ‘viable market,’ Rob Manfred says

Major League Baseball’s softening stance on sports gambling may one day open the door to an untapped market long considered taboo: Las Vegas.

It’s all the rage lately, with the NHL’s 31st franchise set for a Sin City debut next season and the NFL on the brink of following suit. Might MLB join them? Commissioner Rob Manfred is at least open to the idea, a departure from baseball’s longstanding efforts to distance itself from the betting world.

“Las Vegas could be a viable market for us,” Manfred said during his Cactus League news conference Tuesday in Phoenix, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I don’t think that the presence of legalized gambling in Las Vegas should necessarily disqualify that market as a potential major league city.”

“The Zero1’s multiple layers work together to slow impact forces. The helmet features a soft outer shell and an underlying layer of columns designed to mitigate collisions from multiple directions.

“The Zero1 delivers breakthroughs in safety based on current, state of the art testing protocols. It also elevates performance, featuring the industry’s widest ?eld of peripheral view and low aerodynamic drag. Our tagline is Protect the Athlete/Elevate the Game? – and that’s what we’ve done with the Zero1.”

Vicis tells that 25 NFL teams and at least 20 NCAA teams will use the helmets in 2017 despite the $1,500 price tag.

Here’s why: At a time of heightened awareness surrounding head trauma, football and CTE, the NFL last week released results of its annual lab test of helmets. According to, Zero1 finished first, ahead of 23 helmets from Riddell and Schutt, who together account for 90 percent of all football helmet sales.

It’s worth noting, writes, that hometown Design Cheap Jerseys Online Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is on the company’s advisory board, as are Doug Baldwin and Alex Smith, as well as Hall of Famers Jerry Rice and Roger Staubach.

Lonzo declared for the 2017 NBA draft with an agent after a single season with the UCLA Bruins

LaVar Ball also released the sneaker after he sought a $1 billion combined price tag on shoe deals for each of his three sons, including Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo Ball. LiAngelo enters UCLA as a freshman next summer, and LaMelo is a talented high school junior who has already committed to the Bruins.

Lonzo declared for the 2017 NBA draft with an agent after a single Dallas Cowboys Cheap Jerseys season with the UCLA Bruins. He averaged 14.9 points, 7.6 assists and six rebounds, shooting 41.2 percent from downtown in his freshmen year, leading the Bruins to a Sweet 16 appearance in the NCAA Tournament.

Game 1 between the Predators and Blues was quite the treat for hockey fans in Nashville’s 4-3 win. P.K. Subban was the most electric player on the ice. Both Rinne and Allen allowed soft goals at inopportune times, a real change from their stoic first round performances. Nashville coughed up a two-goal lead in the third period, but gained it right back on opportunistic play.

Allen, specifically, had the gaffe of the evening after a misplayed poke check allowed Vernon Fiddler to net the game-winner with five minutes to play.

After a pair of series where the goaltenders stole the show, it’s nice to have a firewagon opener to cleanse the palette. Neither Rinne nor Allen were likely to stay that hot over the rest of the playoffs, and this series has that high-scoring, goaltending shenanigans feel to it.

Marshon Lattimore will be star for Saints if he stays healthy

Marshon Lattimore shined in his final season at Ohio State, but hamstring injuries throughout his college career kept him from reaching his full potential before that. Lattimore will have a shot to show what he’s capable of with the New Orleans Saints after being selected with the No. 11 pick in the 2017 NFL draft.

It’s more believable that the 49ers do like Trubisky and would draft him second than it is they’d trade down. However, Trubisky isn’t the only quarterback they’ve been linked to.

With the second pick in the second round, they could just as easily move up into the later part of the first and go for DeShone Kizer, Pat Mahomes, or even Deshaun Watson, who they’ve also been linked to. Hell, they could probably take a quarterback with pick No. 34.

In Davis, the Lions are getting one of the NCAA’s most explosive linebackers. The Florida product was limited to the center of the field thanks to his stocky build (6’1, 238 pounds), but he used his exceptional speed to develop into one of the team’s top playmakers. Though he’s been a bit of a forgotten man after injuries kept him from the combine, his impressive pro day showing in Gainesville helped put him back on the map.

Davis ran a 4.62 40-yard dash (fourth among combine linebackers) and turned in position bests in the broad (129 inches) and vertical (38.5 inches) jumps. For comparison’s sake, his speed Cheap Custom Baseball Jerseys and agility measurements were closer to this draft’s wide receivers than the rest Cheap International Soccer Jerseys of its linebacking corps.